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Weird Egypt

The Case for Supernatural Geology


hat Causes Supernatural Occurrences? What are Ghosts?
Why are they Here? What do they Want?

This book contains the surprising (and possibly disappointing) answer.

Throughout history every culture
on every continent has entertained
a belief in the supernatural.


What differentiates ancient Indian power spots from the land surrounding them and do they still retain their ancient power today? Are these ancient power spots still active? What makes a house haunted?

For anyone interested in ghosts, the paranormal, the supernatural or the unexplained there's finally a book with real answers!

Author Jim Jung - a southern Illinois native, and a writer, local columnist and publisher of The Nature Almanac - has pursued ghosts, the unexplained and the paranormal for most of his life. And in the course of chronicling the abundant paranormal and weird occurrences in his area seems to have stumbled over the very surprising answer - deep-seated geological disturbances.

His discovery that the vast majority of hauntings occur over fault lines and other geological anomalies has far-reaching implications for anthropology, archaeology, geology, psychology, physics and the study of human consciousness. In his most recent book he inventories many of the haunts, monsters, earth light locations and other anomalies of the eleven southernmost counties in Illinois (collectively known as Egypt to the natives) and relates them to the local geology making a compelling case that supernatural occurrences are a scientifically explainable, natural phenomenon.

A serious look at an intriguing and mysterious problem he examines his area with a light­hearted and irreverent eye of the surprisingly numerous anomalies this area offers.


Copyright © 2009 Ruby Jung